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‘Super rare’ group of four blue whales spotted off Western Australia coast | Australia news

Catching only a glimpse of a blue whale is thrilling – at as much as 30 metres lengthy, it’s the world’s largest animal.

So when Dylan deHaas despatched his drone up after listening to a whale spout within the close to distance, he was surprised to see a group of four of the enormous mammals in his body.

The Perth photographer had been along with his spouse, Sarah, enjoyable on a ship off the coast of Margaret River on Australia’s south-west tip on Tuesday morning, once they encountered the huge beasts.

“I spend a lot of time in and around the ocean, but I had no idea of the group, it was only when the drone went up that I could see them,” deHaas mentioned.

Four blue whales off the coast near the Margaret river, Western Australia.
‘It was pretty insane to see them all, it was spectacular.’ Photograph: Dylan Dehaas

Boats should keep a 100-metre distance from whales within the space, nonetheless deHaas mentioned the whales had been lower than 200 metres from the coast, and had been so massive that their presence within the water might nonetheless be felt.


“We were just chilling in the boat, relaxing, and the next minute we heard the spout.”

“It was pretty insane to see them all, it was spectacular.”

DeHaas mentioned he had solely seen a blue whale as soon as earlier than in his life, and that it was one thing Sarah had all the time wished to see.

“She’s never seen one before, so as soon as we realised it was a blue whale, she started crying,”


“It’s super rare to see them in a group of four,” deHaas mentioned of the whales, which had come from waters round Indonesia and had been on their technique to Antarctica to feed within the coming months.

Since posting his photos to social media this week, deHaas has been shocked by the response, which included being contacted by Tourism Australia.

“It really was stunning.”

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