Priest probed after newborn baby dies in ‘absurd’ baptism tragedy

WARNING: This story comprises distressing content material.

There are rising requires Romania’s Orthodox church to overtake its baptism ritual following the tragic dying of a six-week-old baby.

The baby went into cardio-respiratory arrest on Sunday, after he was immersed thrice throughout his baptism at a church in Suceava, north-eastern Romania.

“The boy was crying, however the priest immersed him thrice in water and he inhaled water,” the kid’s distraught father instructed native media.

Greater than 61,000 folks have now signed a petition demanding an overhaul of what they describe as an “absurd” custom.

(File image) A Romanian Orthodox Church baptism involves the child being immersed in holy water three times by a priest
(File picture) A Romanian Orthodox Church baptism includes the kid being immersed in holy water thrice by a priest Credit score: Getty/AFP

“Given the tragic conditions in which infants died after immersion in the water in the baptismal font, the CHURCH should urgently regulate this follow,” the petition reads.

“We do NOT demand the cancellation of the follow of Baptism however its modification, in order that these are prevented from pointless and even absurd dangers!

‘There’s a method’

Vasile Bănescu, spokesman for the Romanian Patriarchate insists there’s a techniue that’s clergymen are skilled to make use of.

“It’s, no doubt, a tragic case, a case that must be investigated. Let’s not think about {that a} baby may be put in water with out overlaying his nostril, mouth and ears,” , instructed Antena 3 Monday.

“There’s a method that an skilled priest at all times makes use of. That is how a baptism is widely known with the utmost care “, Bănescu added.

Vladimir Dumitru, who began the web petition, instructed CNN that he didn’t wish to abolish the ritual of Orthodox baptism “however to vary that generally brutal follow that includes the danger of drowning, particularly in the case of kids with well being issues.”

“The petition will not be directed in opposition to the establishment of the Church or in opposition to the clergymen however has a constructive intention,” he instructed CNN.

“By this petition we wish the follow of baptism to be symbolic by sprinkling the baby on the highest of the top and never its full immersion thrice, and this non-invasive follow to change into necessary in all Orthodox Church buildings in Romania and in the Diaspora,” he stated in an e-mail.

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