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This publish was initially revealed on Aug. 26, 2015, and was updated on August 1, 2019 and April 5, 2021.

One key aspect of every web internet web page — every well-optimized web internet web page, that is — is the meta tags. These are the parts of the webpage that inform Google and completely different engines like google like google and yahoo what a website is called, what it’s about, whether or not or not search bots can index it, what the key phrases are, the method it must look, and even the place it’s located.

Some meta tags are more important than others, and in case you’re not cautious, chances are you’ll waste a lot of time and effort making an attempt to fill out tags that mainly gained’t do your website any good.

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Quick-start data to meta tags

This textual content, which shows important changes in Google’s search algorithms, will let you already know important points like:

Let’s get started.

There are three major parts to a website:

  1. the Head (or header)
  2. the Physique
  3. the Footer

Suppose of your physique as a website. Your head is clearly the header, the footer is your ft and your torso is, properly, you get the picture.

The header and the footer of a website are nearly the related on every single internet web page.

Traditionally, you may put your group establish and model in the header, your working hours, sort out, and phone amount in the footer. The physique section of each internet web page will change counting on what you set in there, nonetheless the header and footer will always keep the related.

Have a take a look at the prime of this internet web page from GoDaddy. At the very prime is the banner — GoDaddy, Help, How-To, and so forth. That’s the header. In case you go to 1 different internet web page on the GoDaddy weblog, that half will preserve exactly the related.

GoDaddy Blog Page Header Example

Now scroll all the answer to the bottom of that internet web page. Did you see that blue banner down there, with all the textual content material in it and underneath it? That’s the footer.

GoDaddy Blog Page Footer Example

In case you go to 1 different GoDaddy weblog internet web page, that banner and its information will preserve exactly the related, too.

It’s the physique textual content material, the half that you just simply’re finding out, that will change with every new internet web page you go to.

The goal of the header and footer is to produce a template for each and every internet web page on a website. That’s so that you just don’t should code a header and footer every single time you create a new internet web page.

And since the header and footer are eternal, it’s wise that you just simply stick important code like meta tags inside the header. You would possibly put it in the footer, nonetheless that’s a unhealthy idea.

That’s as a consequence of the search engine bots will solely crawl a lot of a web internet web page sooner than they go away as soon as extra. The one answer to guarantee that the bots will see this important meta code is to position it at the very prime the place Google assumes it would doubtless be.

Suppose of a website as having a “crawl funds.” The search engine bots will crawl a portion of your website. If in case you have got a lot of pointless code, in any other case you place your important information down in the footer, your crawl funds couldn’t cowl the important stuff as a consequence of the bots wanted to get by means of the pointless points.

(It’s like consuming a salad in case you’re going out for pizza. You don’t truly want to waste helpful room on salad, do you? No, you want to reserve all of it for pizza! That’s how a crawl funds works.)

So now that you just already know the place the meta tags are saved, what do they do exactly?

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Once more to prime

Meta tags are a half of your website positioning (SEO).

SEO is the place you practice the engines like google like google and yahoo what your website and all its specific individual pages and digital property (e.g. images, motion pictures, and paperwork) are about.

As an example, Google, Bing, and Yahoo will all know that this internet web page is about meta tags for websites and meta tags SEO, partly as a consequence of of the headline and the key phrases.

The job of the meta tags is to stipulate a individual web internet web page’s materials or the internet web page’s objective key phrase.

Some meta tags are further important than others, nonetheless it is important all of them align with the internet web page’s objective key phrase.

As an example, the meta description tag tells us what a particular internet web page is about. It’s the short-term blurb about the internet web page’s content material materials and what we’re in a position to anticipate discovering.

As currently as seven years in the previous, chances are you’ll write a killer description that can persuade Google to rank your webpage larger than your opponents’s. You wanted to do points like use your key phrases in the very early half of the description — in the first 4 phrases, in case you would possibly swing it, regardless of how unhealthy it sounded to human readers — and guarantee your key phrase appeared in the title, URL and physique textual content material the correct amount of situations.

If all these points matched, your web internet web page would possibly rank pretty extreme for that key phrase.

In actual fact, we’re in a position to on no account have good points on the internet, and people started creating some pretty horrible web pages that did what Google wished, nonetheless people hated. It obtained so unhealthy, the internet was filling up with all these horrible web pages that tricked Google, nonetheless have been in another case unreadable and unusable by folks.

So Google banned a bunch of widespread SEO methods as a consequence of these SEO spammers ruined it for everyone.

As we communicate, the carry out of the meta description is to get people to be taught your internet web page.


When your web internet web page reveals up in a Google search consequence, the issue people are going to look at your internet web page is your meta description. In case you’ve written a good one, they’re further extra more likely to be taught your internet web page. In case you’ve written a poor one in any other case you didn’t write one the least bit and let Google try to make its private, people are a lot much less extra more likely to be taught your internet web page in the first place.

This means your meta description stays to be helpful, nonetheless solely as a consequence of it entices people to go to your website fairly than tricking Google into contemplating yours is the best.

The other meta tags have different functions, telling Google behave, what to level out and what your website is/does/has, nonetheless you solely need a few of them.

Once more to prime

Listed beneath are the most important meta tags, and a short-term description of how they work. Some of these tags help the people visiting your website, others help Google and/or the web browsers decide behave.

Title tag

The title tag is a element of the SEO trinity. This tag ought to align absolutely with the internet web page’s URL and content material materials, the completely different two legs of the stool. That’s one of the strongest alerts that inform the engines like google like google and yahoo that a internet web page is about a particular topic, which instantly impacts key phrase score.

When the search engine bots go to a website, they’ve a take a look at all the pages’ titles in an effort to check what each of them is about.

The title is completely completely different from a internet web page’s headline. The headline is what people will see when your internet web page pops up on a social neighborhood like Fb. The title is what the search engine bots see. Merely keep in mind this simple mnemonic:

H is for headlines, which are be taught by folks, T is for titles which are be taught by — dammit! On no account ideas.

In case you’re curious whether or not or not it is best to favor one over the completely different, the reply is not any — they’re every equally important. Of us gained’t click on on on a nonsensical or boring headline, bots gained’t understand clever headlines that don’t embody key phrases. Go ahead and use the key phrase in every.

Listed beneath are some major best practices for creating an optimized title tag:

  • Use a most of 65 characters (along with areas).
  • The online web page’s objective key phrase have to be at the beginning.
  • Each internet web page might want to have one title tag.
  • Each title tag must be distinctive (on no account use the related title tag on completely different pages).
  • Branding always appears at the end of the title tag. That gives to your character rely.
  • Separate the title from the branding with a hyphen or a | pipe (that’s the picture above the key).
  • If there’s room, you may wish to put your group establish or your particular person establish in the title tag. If there’s no room, go away it out. Of us will know the place they’re since you place the branding at the prime of the internet web page.

Title Meta Tag Example GoDaddy Email Marketing

A client sees the title tag on the search engine outcomes internet web page (SERP). The patron shouldn’t be going to see this content material materials on the web internet web page itself. It’s hidden so solely the bots can see it.

Skilled tip: In case you utilize WordPress as your content material materials administration system, I strongly counsel you use the Yoast SEO plugin, although there are others obtainable as properly. It might assist you mechanically create your title tags, which you may modify by your self. It moreover gives you a place to put in writing down your meta description tag. Speaking of which, let’s have a take a look at the …

Once more to prime

Meta description tag

The meta description tag circuitously impacts key phrase score and drastically influences SERP click-through price, nonetheless not for the causes you might assume.

Seven or eight years in the previous, your meta description tag would possibly fool Google into score you larger in case you have got been clever — and dishonest and underhanded — about the method you wrote it.

Nonetheless Google obtained wise, and they not ponder meta descriptions in determining internet web page rank. The place it does come into play helps completely different people know what your internet web page is about.

In case you write a boring meta description, in any other case you don’t use the key phrases in your description, and anyone sees it on a search engine outcomes internet web page, they’re going to be a lot much less inclined to click on on by means of to your internet web page. And Google actually does take click-through expenses into consideration.

The additional people click on on by means of to your internet web page on their SERPs, the increased your internet web page will perform. The a lot much less they click on on, the worse it’ll perform.

So, you most likely have a unhealthy meta description, your internet web page might have a extra sturdy time catching people’s consideration. And in case you don’t write one the least bit, Google will determine its private textual content material out of your internet web page in what it hopes is a ample description of the content material materials. In precise reality, an article on the ahrefs weblog talked about that Google rewrites meta descriptions 62.78% of the time. You presumably can take into consideration how chilly and un-artful these search bots is perhaps. Do you truly want to perception them to make this willpower?

Listed beneath are some major pointers to watch when writing a meta description tag:

  • On no account exceed 150 characters, along with areas. In case you utilize Yoast SEO to put in writing down your meta description, it’ll let you already know whether or not or not you’ve gone over that limit.
  • Put the internet web page’s objective key phrase near the beginning of this tag.
  • Each internet web page might want to have one meta description tag.
  • Each meta description tag must be distinctive (on no account use the related description on completely different pages).
  • Use call-to-action language that will persuade the client to click on on in your search consequence.

Description Meta Tag Example GoDaddy Email Marketing

Prospects will see this snippet on the SERP, although it isn’t going to be seen in your web internet web page.

Once more to prime

Meta robots tag

Use meta robots tags with warning! You actually wish to know appropriately deploy this tag, and you would possibly wish to clearly understand the assorted directives of this tag. In case you don’t, go away it alone.

The meta robots tag tells search engine bots behave in your website — which areas they will go to and doc, which gadgets of content material materials they will steer clear of or ignore, costume code, curfew, points like that.

Nonetheless principally, it’s the first two points: what to go to and doc, what to steer clear of and ignore.

Some of the robots tag directions instruct the engines like google like google and yahoo to index and observe a internet web page and some inform engines like google like google and yahoo to, properly, not index and observe it. As you would possibly want guessed, these are the NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW tags.

In case you utilize each or every of these tags, you may acquire zero pure search engine referrals. These pages will doubtless be absolutely ignored and unseen by the search engine bots.

The three elementary robotic tags are:


The first line tells the engines to not embody that internet web page of their search index, nonetheless to watch all the hyperlinks on that internet web page. (That is, observe a hyperlink to the place it goes, whether or not or not it’s one different internet web page on that website, or a internet web page on a full completely completely different website.)

The second line tells the engines to index the internet web page, nonetheless to not observe the hyperlinks on the internet web page that point to completely different pages. (In numerous phrases, ignore all the hyperlinks on the website.)

The last word line of instructions tells the engines to ignore the internet web page and all the hyperlinks on the internet web page. That efficiently renders the internet web page ineffective for pure referral guests. You might use this on a internet web page or a weblog article that you just would possibly wish to stick with it a website for historic features, nonetheless you don’t want the engines like google like google and yahoo to take care of observe of it or embody it in search outcomes.

You may use one of these strains on a particular internet web page, not all three at the related time.

Once more to prime

Open Graph tags

Open Graph Tags (OG Tags) are used for crafting personalised share messaging on some social neighborhood platforms.

Principally, in case you want to share information from a particular web internet web page on a completely completely different social neighborhood like Fb or Twitter, you need these tags.

They will inform these networks what information to indicate everytime you share a hyperlink out of your website.

As an example, you most likely have ever pasted a hyperlink from a data story in a Fb or Twitter standing substitute, and it populated the headline and a image, that’s a social graph. And it’s the OG tags that suggested the neighborhood how to do that.

Listed beneath are the typical OG tags used on a website:

  • meta property=”og:title”
  • meta property=”og:description”
  • meta property=”og:form”
  • meta property=”og:url”
  • meta property=”og:image”
  • meta property=”og:site_name”

These tags do not have an effect on score instantly. Nonetheless, analysis have confirmed the prime score pages for aggressive key phrases are more likely to have the most share totals from Twitter, Fb and completely different networks. (In case you’re nonetheless undecided what you need, ask your web designer.)

Once more to prime

Meta key phrase tag

What can I say? Meta key phrase tags truly serve no constructive perform for nearly every search engine spherical the world, along with Bing (U.S.), Baidu (China), and Naver (South Korea). (There’s a probability that Yandex, the Russian search engine, may use keyword tags, nonetheless they’re a very low weight.) Most search engine professionals ignore it too.

Google would not give this tag any weight, however when abused it might presumably lead to a penalty.

Of us used to abuse this particular tag by stuffing it with key phrases. You may see a couple dozen completely completely different variations on a single key phrase — athletic footwear, ladies’s athletic footwear, males’s athletic footwear, children’s athletic footwear, and so forth. and so forth. and so forth. — in the hopes that anyone someplace might look for that one space of curiosity key phrase — mismatched corrective orthopedic athletic footwear.

These dirty rotten spammers ruined it for everyone, and, as a consequence, no person can revenue from meta key phrase tags now.

I can assume of one motive to take care of observe of your key phrases, and that’s in case you utilize an SEO plugin like Yoast, which I mentioned earlier. Yoast should know your elementary key phrases in an effort to determine in case you’re meeting their score requirements.

One other excuse to take care of observe of your key phrases is to only make sure you’re not operating a weblog about the related issue over and over and over. Yoast will actually let you already know in case you’ve written about that key phrase too many situations sooner than, which is one different SEO spam tactic.

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Once more to prime

Totally different HTML meta tags

There are dozens of other meta tags that may be utilized in the head section of a website. There are tags for the matter of the internet web page, the geographic location of the internet web page/your company, the proprietor, your e-mail sort out, the date and so on.

Nonetheless, it is best to steer clear of them absolutely.

Every line of code impacts internet web page load velocity, and you want your web pages to load as fast as potential.

A faster loading internet web page is great important for bettering your SEO.


Since these completely different tags don’t help with SEO and can negatively have an effect on internet web page load velocity, it is best to steer clear of using them.

Moreover, keep in mind what I discussed earlier about your crawl funds? You may waste your crawl funds on pointless meta tags, so the fewer meta tags you have gotten in your header, the increased to your crawl funds.

There’s one exception, nonetheless: the Viewport tag. Based mostly on Moz:

“On this cell world, you must be specifying the viewport. In case you don’t, you run the risk of having a poor cell experience.”

Over the earlier couple of years, Google has put a lot further time, energy, and sources into serving to prospects to have a constructive cell experience. Quite a bit so that, even in case you had a good desktop mannequin of your website, you most likely have a poor cell mannequin, your desktop mannequin will fall in the rankings. So don’t ignore your cell experience.

The Google PageSpeed Insights Tool will let you already know further about the viewport tag. The same old tag is: <meta establish=viewport content material materials=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>

In case you’re doing all of your particular person SEO and you’re relying on Yoast SEO to put in writing down your description and title tag, that’s top quality. Nonetheless you most likely don’t have any idea of what you’re doing, go away this tag to your designer or developer. Permit them to let you already know what to do with it, or increased however, enable them to do it themselves.

Once more to prime

Conclusion and subsequent steps

Meta tags are an important half of every website, nonetheless they don’t have the have an effect on they did merely a few fast years in the previous. Nonetheless that doesn’t indicate it is best to disregard them. If used precisely, your SEO meta tags can nonetheless have an effect on your internet web page’s search rank and on-line effectivity.

Do you want to know further about SEO and use the completely completely different meta tags? Or, do you want to go away the SEO and meta tags to the specialists?

If it’s the latter, attain out to the professionals at GoDaddy SEO Corporations to get your website the consideration it deserves. Be taught how one can work a lot much less and rank larger. If it’s the former, I prefer to suggest reading everything you can on the blog. They’re the leaders in website positioning, and are up on the latest Google practices and updates. Moreover, in case you’re a WordPress client, get the Yoast plugin and read their blog; as well as they maintain with the latest SEO evaluation and will enable you make use of the Yoast weblog to its fullest extent.

This textual content consists of content material materials initially revealed on the GoDaddy weblog by Garth O’Brien.


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