Column: Brian Stelter Can’t Handle the Truth

No one might be stunned that when Democrats lose elections (and virtually lose elections that “weren’t imagined to be shut”), the liberals blame an infernal “right-wing media machine.” That’s what Brian Stelter did in his Reliable Sources podcast on November 4. 

Stelter turned to professor Brian Rosenwald, creator of the e-book Talk Radio’s America: How An Industry Took Over a Political Party That Took Over the United States. What listeners heard was numerous lame theorizing and only a few specifics. 

To course of Democrats shedding the governor’s race in Virginia, Stelter quoted from leftist Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent that whereas Republican Glenn Youngkin campaigned on a softer rhetoric in opposing important race idea in the faculties, he capitalized on right-wing media driving a way more “visceral and hallucinogenic” model of this argument on to the base. They apparently have been hallucinating with “daily propaganda coming from the likes of Laura Ingraham.”

The argument right here is that Republican candidates can sound extra affordable as a result of they’ve a media “machine” that gives all the hardcore base-stoking rhetoric. Stelter stated it “makes a lot of sense” to consider Fox and Newsmax as “base turnout operations.” As traditional, Stelter pretends that CNN’s hardcore base-stoking rhetoric from Jim Acosta & Co. doesn’t permit the Democrats to run milder campaigns.

Stelter complained about all the “propaganda and grifting” from the proper about native school-board points in Loudoun County, Virginia. He claimed there have been greater than 400 references to the county on Fox News in 2021. But he by no means talked about the sexual assaults in excessive faculties there as a difficulty. Was that “grifting” to say? This misses the indisputable fact that the left makes nationwide information out of native crimes and controversies all the time. See George Floyd in Minneapolis, or Michael Brown in Ferguson.


Then Rosenwald claimed right-wing discuss radio and TV appreciated cultural points as a result of financial points have been Dullsville. They want “emotionality,” and “when you start talking about supply chain issues and inflation and those kinds of things, that’s complicated, right? That’s economic theory, you’re going to have to understand what’s going on.” But if you speak about children in faculties, “man, that’s simple.”

Stelter sensed hazard from conservatives: “Hold on. My friends at NewsBusters are going to listen to this and they’re going to say you’re saying that conservatives are dumb. This needs to be simple.”

Rosenwald claimed he wasn’t saying they have been dumb, however they want radio to be “kind of like a soap opera,” as a result of “nuance is boring.” He claimed he’s talked to Republicans who stated “when we talk about the debt ceiling, or the filibuster makes us compromise, that’s boring, that’s nuance, that’s process. People don’t want to hear about that. They want to hear something big, bold, exciting, dramatic.”

How on Earth do you declare that persistent inflation and shortages of bathroom paper or Christmas toys aren’t going to be dramatic political points? 


Then these two Brians turned to the smug idea that liberals don’t have anything like Fox News or conservative discuss radio on their facet. They talked about how liberals take heed to NPR’s Morning Edition as a substitute of Sean Hannity or Mark Levin, as if that present isn’t one-sided propaganda. Oh, however that taxpayer-funded bubble sounds so calm and urbane!

This once more utterly misses that CNN and MSNBC are the apparent equal to Fox News, that they’re discuss tv greater than “news channels.” Rosenwald really mentioned how liberals may actually use a billionaire like Rupert Murdoch to discovered one thing like Fox, as a result of there’s a “huge imbalance in politics and in political media.”

Who exactly sounds “hallucinogenic” on the media panorama?



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