Coles supermarket shopper’s genius hack for hiding Golden Gaytimes from her kids goes viral on Facebook

A Coles shopper has been praised for her very intelligent trick for hiding candy treats from kids and relations.

Mum Angela shared a video of her “genius” hack on a well-liked Facebook web page, saying she got here up with the concept after shopping for a pack of discounted Golden Gaytime Violet Crumble ice lotions.

Watch the Coles shopper’s viral video above

Angela’s video exhibits how she removes the candy treats from the field and locations them into an empty frozen pea bag as an alternative.

The trick means hungry kids will most likely by no means discover the ice lotions, as they’re hiding in a vegetable bag.

“On sale this week at Coles,” wrote Angela on the Markdown Addicts Australia web page.

The mum simply places the frozen sweet treats into an empty frozen pea bag.
The mum merely locations the frozen candy treats into an empty frozen pea bag. Credit score: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook